15 Mannish DIY Home Decoration Picks 6

15 Mannish DIY Home Decoration Picks 6

15 Mannish DIY Home Decoration Picks 6

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Hey guys, this one is not for the ladies unlike most times when a man says “this one is for the ladies” to the hypothetical so-called crowd of idling women. This list of motif ideas is for the rough, tough, and rowdy side of the human race – yes, men. But of course, tough girls are also encouraged and welcome to read these tips for the father, brother, guy-friend or man in their lives. If you’re looking for an out-of-the-ordinary set of tips to masculinize and make areas of your home look as if He-Man The Master of the Universe or Wolverine of X-Men lives and sips booze there, then you stopped at the right webpage. Here, we put together a hardy roll call of manly designs for the interior of homes, rooms and man-caves too.

Cement and Wood Bathroom: Setup this wide open and simple yet effective bathroom to quench any man’s thirst for a shower or bath.

Grey Wolf Bedroom: Let the “call of the wild” come to you instead of you going to it with this great grey concept.

Mini Castle Under the Stairs: The Knights of Camelot would want to visit this wine storage room and be left feeling jealous too.

Picture Perfect Hidden Door: Make one of your rooms a mini art gallery, and better yet, hide a passageway behind a large picture frame!

Chef’s Paddle Kitchen: Show off your love for canoes, row-boats and hardwood with this awesome wooden kitchen.

Burly Brown Liquor Bar: Nothing says “I can have my whiskey and drink it too” like full-fledged bar, complete with old-fashioned brown furnishings.

Man-Cave Cabin Room: Transform one room of a basement into a little rustic cabin-like man-cave to relax in and store your manly accessories.

Totally Trays: Use a mobile cart on wheels or restaurant serving trays to store and present your favorite liquors and beers to guests.

Simple Stark Colors: Have a mix of black and white for all the furnishings and add blue vases in your kitchen to make the uber cool place.

Outdoors’ Relics: Collect and display all your findings of nature instead of books – animal skeletons, pine cones and such – on your shelves to show others that you’re a real outdoorsman.

Dungeon Doors, Home Theater: What better way to tell people that “this place is not for those with weak stomachs” than to use a heavy duty “dungeon” like set of doors, even for a home entertainment room.

Modern Fireplace Chamber: There’s no requirement to have an outdated or old-fashioned 2nd house in the mountains. You can even have modernized yet simple place indoors to keep warm.

Rustic Sofa Den: Give a home to your retro sofa and timeless memorabilia in this room of wood paneled flooring.

Rising Relaxing Library: How about combining a dining room, and small library and a place to gather and enjoy the incoming sunlight with this grand white hall.

Manly Yet Soft Bedroom: Let others know that you’re a man of both masculinity and soft aesthetics too.


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