1.Jar Garden
10 Great Decorate With Miniature For Cute Gardens

Reflecting something to its smaller size, that is what so called miniature. Miniatures carry all the beauty in a smaller scale and give you a chance to own this beauty in your house, shops and museums. There are so many types of miniatures and you may want them to be symbolic or just home decoration. […]

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7.The Pirate Ship Playhouse
18 Create Your Own Garden Kid’s Playhouse Ideas

Help your kids to own their own fairy houses and learn how to take care of it. Play houses not only minimize the chaos and noise in your house; they are also adding life and beauty to your compound. Today, I will post some amazing playhouse ideas for you to decide which one can suit […]

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1.Garden Boat
10 Ideas To Repurpose The Old Boats

There is hidden beauty in the old things this is why DIY brings you repurposing ideas which can retrieve their beauty while serving another purpose. Here are 10 wonderful projects that can be done by an old boat. Garden Boat This old boat can be your little movable garden on your compound and be a […]

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3.Tray Frame Garden
12 Sweet DIY Indoor Garden Decoration Ideas

Just few ideas on how to add greenery to your home with calm energy and cool vibe. Simple to make and you fix in the plants, place it on the walls of your corridor, where this is light and not so much décor going on so it can be noticed. On the plane wall you […]

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8 beaded wooden swing set
8 Brilliant Swing Ideas For Your Backyard

Every childhood story should be filled with stories about swinging in their backyard, or even better, helping their parent make the swing. This idea is perfect for forging a bond with your children or even releasing your inner child. We have * beautiful swing Ideas to share with you that you can do yourself. The […]

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18 Amazing Backyard ideas to Liven up your Garden

Spring is finally here and it is too hot to always be cooped up inside, why not gather a few things and liven up your garden with these 18 Amazing Backyard ideas to Liven up your Garden. Add some things for the kids to play with or show your personality through the art and craft […]

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Great DIY Backyard Lighting Ideas 10
Great DIY Backyard Lighting Ideas

It’s  when the warm seasons come around that we  feel the urge to always want to spend every possible moment we can outside. This usually becomes a problems when we only find ourselves outdoors during the day and when the sun goes down we follow suite. Well, one way to change this could be to […]

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DIY Ideas For Backyard Oasis Shades 8
DIY Ideas For Backyard Oasis Shades

Those long summer days that are amazing for outdoor and backyard activities for the whole family. The sun however, can get really hot and you might need an escape of some sort from it. An escape that doesn’t have you going back into the house entirely. One that keeps you outside and still having fun […]

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